Zufelt Family Sept 2013

Zufelt Family Sept 2013

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Too New

We got this late last night. 

Dear parents,
According to the directive from the Government officials, all schools are closed tomorrow, Sunday, January 25th.  ISG will be closed on all the seven campuses tomorrow.
We are sending the condolences to all the local community upon the death of King Abdullah.

Kindest Regards,

It is interesting to be so new here. I feel bad not to be properly mourning the loss of the king but I have no history with him really. We are just too new in country. I do wish peace on all those of his nation however as they mourn their king today.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Overseas Kid Problems

At lunch with Ashlyn: “Here’s a cracker, Ashie.”

She takes it and turns it over and over. “Where’s the crack in it, mom?”

That’s what comes of letting her think they are called biscuits!


I am also beginning to think she is mourning the loss of Gina. Again. We haven’t left Saudi Arabia since we landed in August and she understands that Gina is a long, long airplane ride away. As we started to get closer to our winter break vacation we started talking about the trip to Switzerland more and more. And she started talking about Gina more and more and praying for her to come to our Saudi Arabia house. Poor girl was convinced that we were going to see Gina no matter what we told her we were going to do.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Winter Holiday Fun Began Differently than Anticipated

Nothing is as planned yet on our winter holiday in Switzerland but it's still awesome! Flight delays = missed the last day of Santa's village in France. New Years Day = EVERYTHING IS CLOSED, including grocery, gas station, I mean everything all day long.

We spent the entire day with the kids playing in the parking lot of the little hotel and the small hill across the street in a construction zone with left over, refrozen icy snow.

Best sledding spot? The gravel pile.

Best place to find ice to build a fort? The gutter on the street.

What souvenir did they keep from a neighborhood walk? More ice chunks and trash for forts and snowmen.

It's 0 C/ 32 F or below and they don't care one bit. The big kids played outside for about 8 hours and are in heaven sledding on a card board box and finding rocks and sticks to decorate the snowmen. Ashlyn seems to be getting sick so she napped for 3 hours inside with a runny nose and cough.

There are six smiling faces heading to bed now.

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eye Doctors

Eye doctor appointments done. Another country. Another procedure. Yuck, no one likes learning the ropes when they are the newbie.

Today we took everyone down to Saad Hospital and had appointments for Ashlyn, Madison and Jacob. I'm happy with everything except that we have to go back another day. They require an appointment with someone else to dialate the eyes then another doc appointment to read the eyes after the drops. So Jacob and Ashlyn will go back down with me on the 12th.

The nurse was trying to schedule me on the phone for jan 1. I tried to tell her we were out of town and she forcefully waved me away with her hand. Fine. She finished what appeared to be complicated planning to get both Jacob and Ashlyn same day, close timing for all 4 appointments. She brought me the papers and I kindly told her we were not in town. Haha. 

It took three more iterations because the next secretary did the doc visit before the dilation. That wasn't going to work and I knew it but we had language problems communicating. Another doc saw my insistence and came to the rescue. He understood the problem. Still took a few more tries but we are all set. I am just dreading the one and a half hour drive to the city again. Having three hours on the road plus appointment time makes for a full day. Today we left at 7:45 am and didn't return until about 2 pm. Sometime we need to have Ben seen as well but his yuck of the day is a tooth extraction tonight at 7:30 pm. Poor kid.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Minecraft is for Big Girls

Ashlyn just said, "Mommy, I'm going to play Minecraft all by myself."

Madison heard the announcement and saw Ashlyn climbing up on the couch with a laptop so she rushed over to help. She started the game and left her to play. Ashlyn's happy to click the two buttons and she isn't really going anywhere in the game but is quite proud to be a big kid that can play alone.

Monday, December 15, 2014

More Kids?

We got a Christmas card from a friend today. She has six kids now. Brian commented that they have "sandwiched us." They have one kid above Ben and one kid below Ashlyn. When I asked what he proposed we do about it he replied, "Admit defeat."

Our friend here went into labor two nights ago so I have stayed at their house since then and Brian has managed here at our house alone in the morning rush plus nights. All day I manage the six kids. I concur. We admit defeat.

No Joke. I Think it's a Sign.

Brian and I talked today on the phone about ordering dinner to be delivered tonight because I'm feeling so down and claustrophobic in the compound right now. Brian mentioned a Chinese place he had heard of that might deliver and then I had to go pick up Ashlyn from school so we ended the call. I opened the door and this was hanging on the knob.