Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Friday, May 31, 2013

Magic Quote and Injuries

Best quote of the day from a kid that was dying because he wasn't picked as the volunteer to help with a trick.

"I HAVE to do the next one or else I'm quitting the magic show."

One boy was so blown away by the surprise ending of the trick that he threw his head back in amazement and smacked it on the edge of a table.

This kindergarten show was the most entertaining one to watch yet because the audience was cracking ME up!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tired Little Boy

After dinner I took Ashlyn and Madison upstairs to give them a bath. Jacob had finished dinner and was using the toilet. I told him to clean up his spot at the table and come upstairs when he finished. After the baths were over, I still had not seen Jacob arrive. I went back down the stairs calling Jacob's name. He did not respond. This is how I found him once I arrived back on the ground level.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Jacob came into our room after everyone else was awake on Saturday morning looking a little bit disoriented and kinda miffed. He leaned against the door jam, crosses his one leg in front of the other, put his hand on his hip and demanded confidently, "Where is my surprise???"

I could see that he meant business but I had to duck my head and stifle a gull belly laugh. He waited, staring me down with a face that said he meant business. Once I had myself under control I asked, "What surprise?"

Rolling his eyes, "You know, like my Easter bunny candy or something like that."

Sorry dude. It's just a plain old regular Saturday morning. You can have yogurt for breakfast though. I can't help but wonder it is was a hold over from a dream he was having?

Family Home Evening

Jacob lead our family home evening lesson tonight. He refused to do anything new but wanted to repeat the lesson Madison did a few weeks ago and thought of all by herself. It was on sharing I believe and her example to act out was people riding the toys and pushing another person off so they got hurt. Then we redid the show and we asked if we could have a turn rather than pushing and shoving. 

At the end of the lesson Jacob gave a summary.  "Badness isn't good. Kindness is good."


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Dinner Lesson Review

Who went to get the brass plates?
Nephi, Laman, Lemuel and Salmon!!

Facebook Takeover

Apparently I must be doing more FB these days. After years of blogging and Brian reading my blog to know what's going on in his own house he finally said he is considering joining FB. His mom is updating him on what's going on at the house these days from FB! Now the big debate...do I post this to the blog so he can see it our not???


I decided to post it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Girl Talk

I played phone tag today with one of my best girl friends. As Madison walked out of her violin lesson, the phone rang and I grabbed it. We walked to the car, got seat belts etc. and then the call disconnected unexpectedly. I took the chance to quickly tell her why I took the call because she had had a very bad day today and wanted to talk for a minute but I apologized in case Madison felt ignored.
"We'll why do you care if she had a terrible day?" came the reply from my fend for yourself, don't bother me with your problems daughter. Such a Maddie comment. I will remember this when she is running up cell phone bills talking to her girlfriends at sixteen and seeing every move they make as critical and important to be discussed and reviewed in excruciating detail. Maybe then she will understand my reply, "Because she's a girl and I'm a girl and girls need to talk and share with their buddies. And also because we are friends."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Texas Longhorn Bus in Singapore

Got this picture today on the way home from church. The bus logo says "Moove Media embraces graciousness." I have no idea what that means but Hook 'em Horns! is all I can figure.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Farewell Snickers

Today is April Fools Day so when I picked up Jacob from preschool I asked his teacher if they had done anything fun to celebrate it. Nope. They did something else. Their classroom pet, Snickers the Guinea Pig, passed away Saturday night. Ms. Jennifer and her three children came up to school and buried him in a quiet spot Sunday afternoon.

During class today they read a story about a dog that gets old and his body is tired and he dies. Then the children gathered leave and little flowers from the school grounds nearby and took them and decorated his grave. Jacob was fine when I picked him up until I asked the question of his teacher and he was reminded of poor Snickers. He asked Jennifer to show him how to find it so he could show me.

We went out and he showed me and burst into sobs. Poor Jacob was so terribly sad. I did my best to give him hugs and reassure him it would be okay while juggling shoeless Ashlyn who wanted to attack the flowers on the grave and walk all over it. I wish there was something I could do to make it better. I know it's hard for kids. Ben still sobs over each fish he loses.

Good call by Ms. Jennifer not to do April Fools on a day like today. It would just be way too confusing.

Stalling Bedtime

Brian and I are laying on our bed talking to Ben in the bathroom about his party. Its 9:40 pm, two full hours past Jake's bedtime. He comes into our room, climbs in our bed with the worlds biggest smile and says, "Who's going to talk now?" He's stalling but so darn cute. Ben smiled and seeing me laughing at Jacob's sly charm said, "I bet there is going to be a blog post about him tonight." So there it is.

Zero Access Toilet

"Don't you know my underwear is a toilet that I'm not allowed to pee in?"
- Jacob when he had to pee after the skateboard park and there were no toilets to be found

General Conference Weekend

I used this sticker idea from our friend in Virginia for general conference this weekend. This picture is after a little more than one hour. Every time they heard the words on the tv they put a sticker on the right page. Maddie was big into it but the boys not so much.

She also decided she wanted to make a copy of the pages of her own so she could write down why each of the things were important. She finished writing this morning and I got a picture of her but I love that Ashlyn is licking her paper in the background. She was supposed to be doing the same project Maddie was. Here is what Madison wrote:

Recent Sightings

These pictures are all just waiting on my phone to be shared. I love this country.

The Little Red Hen

We have read the book "The Little Red Hen" at home but it's been a month or so. I also used the story a while back to demonstrate how Brian was probably feeling after asking help several times and not getting it. I made the kids go ask him if he was feeling like the little red hen. But all of that is nearly an eternity ago to a four year old.

This week after school Jacob wanted to watch TV and to keep him busy I said, "We have a bunch of old bananas. Before we watch TV, will you please help me bake banana muffins?"

His reply was delivered with an over abundance of dramatic flair, "No. And you shall eat them all yourself. You know, like the little red hen did." He said it exactly like I read it from the book. I almost fell over laughing.