Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pelo All Gone!

Since we don't live close to any of our extended family, we often spend time looking at pictures. I have took a map of the USA and put pictures and the names of all the important people in our family. Ben knows everyone pretty well, but Maddie is just starting to learn everyone's names. During our name quizzes, she saw a picture of Grandpa Zufelt. She was quite concerned about him and kept pointing and saying, "Grandpa, pelo all gone! Oh no!" For all you non-spanish speakers, pelo means hair. She was concerned that Grandpa doesn't have enough hair.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Doesn't God Fall?

One day, as we were driving around doing errands, Ben was full of questions about all sorts of stuff. Eventually, the questions turned to church stuff and how churches have steeples pointing to heaven and the clouds where God lives. Ben has so many detailed questions about how all that worked. He wanted to know if the top of the clouds were flat so it was easy for God to walk on and not trip, how he got up there, and my personal favorite, why doesn't he fall through all those holes in the clouds, 'cause see, there are just holes all over... :) My inability to answer the question about God falling caused him some serious concern and he couldn't relax for a while. Poor kid. I wish I knew more to calm his fears. He asked for several days, worried about God's safety before his mind wandered on to other new ideas.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Best Doctor in the World

I don't think there is a better doctor in the world than mine. We went in for our first appointment for the pregnancy. I was about 10 weeks along. He did an ultrasound on my belly only and got some cool pictures. I didn't wait this long to go in with the other two, but I'll never go in early again. The ultrasound pictures actually look like a baby, not an alien. It was so much more fun this time having a baby, not a blob... My due date is Dec 15 for now. Then the doctor said he thought we might, maybe be a week farther along than I thought. He'll confirm at the 20 week appointment with the detail measurements they do at the big ultrasound and maybe we can move my due date up a week. Next he said I am no longer a candidate for a VBAC, so a c-section is mandatory for me. He doesn't want to risk me starting into labor, so he generally delivers 2 weeks early for the 3rd c-section. So, in a matter of 15 minutes, he shortened my pregnancy about 3 weeks. I'm in love with him... As long as the baby is sufficiently cooked, we may have the baby as early as Nov 24! We'll come home, probably on Thanksgiving Day and relax the weekend without Brian having to take any vacation time. It's all in my dream world still, but maybe it will work out. The only down side, I won't exactly be up to shopping on the day after Thanksgiving and I'm sure that there will be something on sale that I absolutely must have. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our children, huh?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Week So Far...

This week so far: released from 2 of 4 callings, finally water heater leaked and flooded the basement Maddie has been up every hour from 8pm to 6 am crying found the outdoor shed I've been searching for on Craigslist for 8 months and am never fast enough to get it, paid $150, costs $550 one adult bike stolen from my backyard bike had child seat mounting brackets, chair is useless in my basement now the best eye doctor I've ever had doesn't take my new insurance this year Ben failed his eye exam, really, really bad and I believe he needs glasses 3 days without warm water or a shower our fan to dry out the basement was broken when I got it out of the box to use carpet is squishy wet front yard over run with hundreds of bees so friends don't like to come over the weather is beautiful, we spend hours every day outside blowing bubbles, playing at the park and drawing with sidewalk chalk wed the whole garden and am ready to plant (I know, it's a joke compared to the NM Robinsons, their garden is twice as big as my entire yard... :) but it still gives me fresh tomatoes and peppers... ) taught kids at preschool this week and they were really well behaved Brian doesn't get back for 7 more days That's what's up in Virginia.