Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tummy Yuckies

Nearly every single day of her life Ashlyn tells me "my tummy isn't feeling so well." I never get more info from her so I have to watch hr body cues to see when she is really sick. This morning at leave-for-the-bus time for Jacob and Madison she came down the stairs and laid on my lap. Brian was home late this day so he took the kids and I stayed on the couch with Ashlyn until I remembered I left something in the van I needed before Brian drove away. I went outside to get it and decided to cross the road to the bus stop and give Jacob a hug for having a good morning with zero crying. That's a big deal for us these days and I'm trying to give lots of positive feedback for good behavior. Ben came out to the bus stop too to ask what his morning house hire was leaving Ashlyn alone. When we walked back Ben opened the door and I heard panic from the little lady. 

She was running to the door to tell us she was sick and had changed her mind and was running to the trash can in the kitchen to vomit. Just a tiny drip missed the can and first thing she said was I needed to clean up the floor for her please. I cleaned her up and got her on the couch cushions again then cleaned the floor. When the first yuck wave had passed and she felt a little better she started telling me how it was okay to go to school because they have TWO trash cans to throw up in so she would be just fine. We were bringing watermelon for the class snack and she didn't want to miss out. No ma'am. She slept on the couch next to me all morning except when we played mancala.

Much later she was ready to eat so she had a little applesauce. An hour later she had more. At lunch she said she wanted to eat some watermelon and pizza so I gave her a tiny bit of each thing. She took a tiny bite of pizza and immediately said "I can't eat this pizza." She says it all the time and I was about to tell her to chew and swallow. Then I saw the panic on her  face. I told her to spit it on the plate and she jumped down and ran for the kitchen trash can again.

Luck was not on her side this time. Her cute little bare feet pattered across the slick tile at lightening speed but the bimit projectile was just a little bit faster than she was. Her throw up made the floor very slippery and she slid then fell right on her butt. She bounced right back up and got some more in the trash can. What a trooper. I cleaned all of her and the puddles on the floor and she's been on the couch watching the tv the rest of the afternoon.