Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Too much whipped cream

During the christmas break we took a trip to Vietnam. The day we returned we didn't have a meal plan and didn't have a lot of groceries in the house, so we scoured the fridge to come up with an idea for dinner.  Angie found a can of whipped cream.  She had wanted to make Santa Claus pancakes for a while, so she decided that would be the perfect night to do it.

We sent the kids upstairs to put on their pajamas while we prepared dinner.  I jumped in to help by making the pancakes.  Angie enhanced my nice round pancakes with banana slices and chocolate chips for eyes, banana slices for ears, a whipped cream beard, and a red nose and had made from strawberry jam.  Quickly we had three masterpieces for each of the three older kids.

Angie called the kids to dinner.  Their first response was one of excitement at the colorful masterpiece that was at their dinner spot.  They quickly recognized the Santa Claus face sitting on their dinner plate.  However, their second response was to ask if they had to eat it or if they could just have a normal pancake without the whipped cream. 

Jacob's response was best.  Lately he has been very excited to be the one selected to offer the dinner prayer.  He requested the priveledge to pray that night and I was happy to oblige.  During his prayer he said, "Please don't let us have any more whipped cream because we already have way too much."

Apparently, the kids are not big fans of whipped cream.  In the end, the adults got to eat the delicious Santa Claus pancakes, while the kids had plain ordinary pancakes with maple syrup.

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