Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Saturday, December 13, 2014


My Kitchenaid burned out while I was mixing dinner rolls for Madison's second birthday. As in smoke coming out of the machine and everything. My heart sunk and I wanted to cry. It was my baby! 

Not wanting that to ever happen again I looked at power/wattage and chose to buy a large Bosch because they have more power - like nearly double the Kitchenaids. When using the Bosch though I found if the bowl is real full the dough gets caught in the gear thing at the top and I end up cleaning the darn thing with a toothpick every time. Too cumbersome for me. 

So we hauled the broken Kitchenaid back up out of the basement (I couldn't bear to throw it out so it sat there for two years). We finally found a motor for the Kitchenaid online to fix it for about $80. Didn't work. Then Brian figured out the fuse had just melted to protect the Kitchenaid. He ended up fixing it for a new thermocouple fuse thingy for $0.30 after I had and used the Bosch two years. It was a great powerful machine! 

Now I am the proud owner of a Kitchenaid, a spare motor AND a Bosch. When it came time to leave overseas I didn't actually want to haul two mixers across the globe. I chose the Kitchenaid to join our adventures for clean up reasons and put the Bosch in storage. Some days I wish I still had both with me. Especially now that we are away for 7-10 years instead of 2.5 years. The Kitchenaid is 15 years old now and it's been getting a serious workout this holiday season. One day this week I got real worried about it but so far so good. I'm keeping by fingers AND toes
crossed that it can make it another 3-5 years until we go home - unless we
get another amazing opportunity to explore a new corner of the world. Then it better lasts even longer still.

I also wonder at what point would the company allow us to go through the items we left in storage to get rid of the things we left behind? It costs them money every single month to pay the storage bill. I bet never. Oh well. My winter wardrobe that I didn't need in tropical Singapore is going to be completely outdated - and probably have black old spots on everything. Frankly I could have used it here in Saudi and wish I had my winter boots for our Geneva trip in three weeks to the snow. And the warm clothes I would love to snuggle into would bring back such great memories about now. But when we return they will be so terribly outdated I will have to give them to some creative teenagers for Halloween costumes.

I wonder what else is in that storage unit that I can't remember. It will be a treasure trove of fun surprises for sure. 

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