Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An Added Measure of Patience Today

Today was one of those horrible, awful, rotten, wanna run away from home type of home school days. I was yelled at, cried at, verbally assaulted and beaten down like I can't believe for a solid three hours by two of my three big kids. God obviously blessed me with an added measure of patience today because the real Angie could have never endured that without losing her mind and blowing up. I did snap back on two occasions when they over and over and over started getting too personal in their attacks and just seemed to be going for the jugular vein. So it was a pretty bad day at home but we survived. And I think that one of them may have actually caught on to the fact that if they don't whine and cry they can finish their entire day of learning super early. The non-crying one does that every single day. Heaven is helping us but all four of us still hate our situation with a passion that is hard to put into words. The emotions are so raw still and there is or of anger all day every day directed at whatever is the closest target.

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Jen said...

The unfortunate thing about stress is that kids can tell when you're feeling it. They feed off the negative energy just like they do the positive. Sucks! Homeschool was rough like that for us, almost every single day. And homework is hard like that for us somedays too. Probably because the one who had to be homeschooled was the crier. Oh dear!
Dear Angie,
I feel your pain! You will get through this. Hang in there!
I love you.