Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 2: Bangkok - JJ Market, Jim Thompson House

This morning we began with delicious breakfast with omelets made to order and cooked up right in front of you. Brian knows just how close to heaven I consider that. I love, love, love eggs.

Then our driver picked us up and we headed to JJ Market to see the biggest market in the world. Our driver, Lily, said it was 64 acres of shops and most of the shops are the size of my bathroom so there are thousands upon thousands of vendors selling their wares. Locals and tourists alike this market so the prices can be good.

Yesterday at the silver shop there was one piece I wanted that I couldn't get. They had stock of two pieces and the ladies group there at the same time as us got to them first. It was priced at 1750 baht and given 35% off for cash payment. Fine. I found the exact item I wanted at the JJ Market but the lady asked me for 1800 baht no discount. Our driver had said it was hard to negotiate there but Nicole was willing to give it a try. I sent her back to work her magic. First thing she asked was how much and they told her 1400 baht. She showed them 1200 baht cash and the employee hesitated and pretended to talk to the boss then took the 1200 baht. Sweet! I also got some great things I'm excited to show the kids though some will have to wait for Christmas.

The Jim Thompson house was next on the agenda. Not amazing but not a bad deal. The desserts at the restaurant however are definitely something to write home about. I had Thai coconut ice cream and brownie cheesecake. The mango smoothie Nicole got looked amazing and Jessie scraped the coconut clean with her ice cream. I thought I didn't like coconut until today. When the ice cream, served in a hollowed out coconut shell, was gone she ate the fresh, soft, cold coconut flesh right out of the shell it was delicious!

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Brent said...

Mali could tell you stories about JJ Market that would make your toes curl...

Suffice it to say that we got something like 18 plates there (some of them with the IKEA stamp on them) for less than 20 bucks, total. Oh, and matching bowls.