Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sucker I Didn't Earn

"I love you mom but sometimes I'm tempted to choose another way." That's what jake just said to me as we were driving to the elephant park.

Somehow Jacob got his hands on a dum dum sucker two days ago. He carried it around in the wrapper for a bit. Eventually he says to me, "Mommy I'm going to keep this sucker and hold it. And when you do something really good to me you can earn it."

Try as I might there was nothing quite good enough that I tried doing to earn it. He reminded me often of the challenge. This morning he remembered nice and early. Panicked, he asked where were his pants. He retrieved his yesterday's pants from the laundry bag and fished the sucker out of the pocket. Then, once again, he reminded me of my goal to do something "so super nice to me" that would merit this precious sucker.

When we got in the can to go this morning I got to sit by him. He shlwed me the sucker and clutched it in his cute chubby fingers as we rode. Then he said, "Actually, I changed my mind. The wrapper is coming off this one. I'm just going to eat it. He ripped the wrapper off and stuck it in his mouth. All I could do was giggle. Giving away a sucker was just too hard for this cute little three year old despite how much his little heart wanted to give it away.

A few minutes later in the car he threw a little salt in the wound. "If you want to know how the sucker tastes, it tastes GOOD."

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