Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Friday, September 27, 2013

Boring Love

Jacob is having a rough time lately. I think the root cause is the talk of moving our family. He's a worrier by nature and I think he's feeling unsettled. I tried to cut the move talk because we genuinely think there is a chance we won't move until June. The construction delays on the project are most certainly in our favor and school is already paid for the year. Plus that's what we want. So because we want it I'm using all my positive brain waves to will it into reality.

Each morning at the bus stop or as we leave the house he gets real clingy and teary eyed and tells me how much he wants to stay home and he doesn't like school anymore. He has decided the main culprit is Mr Geoff. That's plain nuts to tell the truth. Mr Geoff is the perceptual motor guy as in PE. And not just wiggle and run like when I was a kid. This is expensive private school with targeted goals for them to learn gross motor skills and balance and such with SUPER cool equipment. They even call it Mr Geoff's Fun Room and it's full of all the stuff PE teachers in the US would only dream of. Bright and colorful bouncing, climbing, tossing things made sturdy to withstand preschool loving. HOW COULD HE NOT WANT TO GO TO MR GEOFF's FUN ROOM? 

Turns out he claims it's the exercise at the beginning that's so terrible. It hurts his legs to sit and open and close his legs in front of him. Then it was it was too hard. Then it was just too boring.

We talked it out yet another day and I convinced him to get on the bus. I told him sometimes we have to do things we don't love, like eat vegetables or do exercises with Mr. Geoff so we can have desert or play the fun games. He gave me a big huh and his parting words as we saw the bus approaching our stop were, "Mom, I really do love you every day even though it's SOOOO boring to love you I just still do it."

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