Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Results

2 hours and 5 minutes handing out candy
3,308 pieces handed to 3,308 people
3 people to manage the crowds at the gate and keep up with them -
Gina and Brian's intern and coworker
Had to close our gate while there were still massive crowds on the street at 8:00 pm
Awesome party with 56 dinner guests
30+ extra drop-ins that just visited other people they knew at my party
Wild night but everyone had a blast.

Walking was sometimes like when you are trying to leave a concert and people are jam packed in the aisles - only they were full sized streets.

Found one of my Besties on the street. She has 5 kiddos. Can you guess what the other 4 kids and her husbands costumes were?

Brian couldn't resist being a street magician. As Madison put it, "That's BORING! Come on! Let's WALK!!" because she wasn't getting any trick-or-treating done with Dad distracted showing tricks to everyone.

Maddie got to be the mummy at her class party.

Ben was the only kid in his class that DIDN'T wear a costume. Still not sure why exactly. It was in his backpack. Oh well, he still enjoyed the party.

Jacob had a great time doing all the crafts at his party.

Another of Kristy, Me and Sylvia. Can you tell she's SOOOO done with being pregnant. And apparently so is the baby!

Last but not least, our family at the Monday night "Private" Trick-or-Treat". You have to sign up in advance and only go to houses participating. It's much more like a REAL American Halloween and just Jacob's speed.


Happy Halloween!

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