Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Class with Madison

March 15, 2014

Today I decided to make a part of my day all about Maddie Mae. 

I found my self in the unusual situation of being on campus during the time block she has art class with no other commitments. Ashlyn was napping. Jacob was staying late for his music fun class. I was elated to see it was just about time for her art class but couldn't remember who her teacher was this year. We've been here too long I guess because we had all of them! I looked in all the classrooms and didn't see her then noticed each teacher had a schedule outside their door. I checked the papers up and down the hall and found Mr Mike was in Mrs H's art class on Day A. Now I had to figure out if it was Day A or not. After asking a bunch of kids I resorted to the office. Even they didn't know and had to check. Finally I got the green light and got back to the classroom about five minutes before class started.

Maddie was elated to see me sitting in the classroom when they arrived and in true first grade fashion all the kids made me feel like the rock star I really am inside. Today was claymation day. We stacked a few Wallace and Gromit clips and a few other ones as she explained how to do this or make that and our project was to make a person with realistic size proportion and as a bonus see if they could stand up.

I made the guy and Maddie made a turtle and my guy took her turtle for a walk. It was a super fun day and so much fun to see her having fun with her peers and to see her imagination run wild. I even happened to wear the spiky pink pom pom ear rings she gave me for Christmas.

In this last picture we took my guy and laid him on the table so she could make the icy swirly things like in the movie Frozen.

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