Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, April 21, 2014

Toilet Duty

Long story short. Jacob has been horrible the last two days. At every turn of every minute toward every person. This morning I couldn't handle it anymore so he had to call dad at 2:00 am and wake him up to report in and get a punishment. He chose scrubbing the toilets. Knowing that when he pooped on the floor two weeks ago he had been a disaster to deal with when I made him clean it up himself I had to have a plan to counter the difiance I knew was coming after school when toilet time would finally materialize. My chosen bonus punishment for any whiny comment or cry of injustice was that for every comment I got to eat TWO pieces of his Easter candy.

Finally it was five o'clock and time to start the scrubbing. Good news. Bad news. Jacob LOVES cleaning toilets. Not a single complaint came outta the kid doing all four bathrooms (Gina wisely opted out of the punishment of washing her toilet so as to avoid the five year old mess he would create when he was "cleaning"). When he finished he asked me to ALWAYS ask him to scrub toilets whenever I need it done. I replied to him saying that he could scrub Ms Jennifer's too because she had 5 dirty ones today. He clasp his hands together in front of his chest and his eyes lit up like Fourth of July fireworks. You would have thought I gave him the worlds best Christmas present.

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