Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

She Fought the Law and the Law Won. I Think.

Ashlyn had turned to crying to get what she wants. Loudly. Often. Always. I vaguely recall each of the kids had this phase. I just don't recall it being this aggravating or lasting this long. She cries when she wakes up. She cries when she gets dressed. She cries when she eats breakfast, gets dressed, brushes teeth, puts on shoes. And that's just in the first hour of the day. It goes on all day long but it can stop in an instant if someone catches her attention with something alluring. In short, it's fake and it's a test. How long does she have to scream and how loud does she have to be to get each and everything she wants.

Today after I picked her up from school she was happy and chatty and fun. Then we got home and I made lunch. She wanted it until she didn't want it. And she demanded a different sandwich and refused to eat the single slice of apple I put on her plate. And I refused to change my mind about being a short order cook for a spoiled princess. 

The options remained unchanged: eat the lunch on the table or we skip the lunch and head up for the regularly scheduled nap time. She laid down on the floor because that always helps emphasize the point that she is unhappy about the choices before her. After a long, loud time she finally consented that she wanted to just go upstairs to nap but she demanded that I carry her. Not with that attitude I won't. She'll kick me as soon as I pick her up and say rude things as I carry her. Nope.

So there she stayed. And now she is fast asleep on the marble floor by the kitchen door. No the dilemma: do I carry her up or leave her be? Don't want to wake the beast. She definitely fought the law today but did the law actually win?

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