Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Pics to Remember

The Young Women sang to me yesterday in celebration of my birthday and crowned me queen for the day. I also got this lovely personal birthday card from our rental car company. An you tell we are really close friends? I only let my dearest beloveds call me "Zufelt Robinson".

It was a pretty good day overall. I took maddie to a bday party for her friends and ducked out during the party. Me and one of my favorite people in Singapore, Kristy, walked to the river walk and she bought me brunch. Actually it was a day of food. Brian had already made me scrambled eggs, bacon and home made hash browns. (Maddie asked me at breakfast if I asked dad to make them because she loved them so much. Cutie.)

We got back to the party as they were wrapping up. I stayed a bit and helped tidy the club house while I caught up with the mom, Jenny Allen, from our neighborhood in Fairfax. Then Ben called and without even asking where I was correctly said, "You said you would leave the party a half hour ago and you are still there." Baffled how he knew I admitted he was right and rushed home.

Then Jennifer brought gorgeous cupcakes and we visited. Finally we took the bikes and headed to West Coast Park for some family fun about 4:30pm. Poor Ben waited patiently the entire day for it. He started the day excited and willing to blow up bike tires and oil chains. Then he had to wait hours and hours and hours for the big reward. He sort of gets that a lot. He is so easy going and not often found complaining over things like that so sometimes he gets overlooked because the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the boy doesn't squeak very often. I sure love him. He is too smart for his own good though.

We rode bikes, played at the huge amazing playground and had dinner at McDonald's. We stayed long enough that we rode back to the car well after dark (sunset is only 7:00 year round). At dinner I asked if he had a good time. He thoughtfully said, "Yeah, but if had left earlier we would have had lots more time on the big playground." I suppose I shouldn't whine. That kind of choice and accountability or cause and effect thinking is what I've been hoping he would catch onto soon. Just not when it puts me in the dog house.

When we got home we had a ridiculously over priced and very delicious ice cream cake with the candle numbers "34" flaming on tip. Jacob was kind enough to lend us the 4 and we stopped to buy a 3 on the way home from the park.

Thanks for all the birthday calls and emails and Facebook messages. I feel loved.

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