Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It must be time to travel again. We had a long break after Ashlyn was born, but then we went home to Utah in July. I went with two friends and our three babies to Bangkok, Thailand in September. Now in October we took the family to Nepal to visit the Patches and then tagged along on their previously planned India trip. The kids now have seen each other in Cambodia last December, Singapore in January, Utah in July and Nepal and India in October.  I can’t think of a more fun family to travel with but when we leave each other in the morning we aren’t sure how many years until our next meeting.


Nepal was great. We stayed in the Patch home and had great homemade food that as safe for our fragile western tummies. Their maid Devi and their driver Manik took fantastic care of us. Manik drove us all over the Kathmandu area every day and fit all our huge piles of luggage in their tiny car along with all six of us. It was a bit like a clown car to see how we crammed it, but it worked. We flew overnight so expected to be tired when we arrive in Nepal at 8:30am. Then they had fog and wouldn’t let us take off in Delhi until the airport was at least close to opening. We arrived at their house four hours after we had hoped. The kids played for a little then we mandated a short nap – this news was NOT well received by the troops but after the whining and pouting everone fell asleep and the night was better in the end because they had some lay down time.


Saturday is the day they observe the Sabbath in Nepal and since it was the week we are to watch General Conference anyway, I stayed with the kids and watched church online at the house while Brian went with Chris to the church to watch with the members who generally don’t have internet access so it was their only chance to watch. Then they went to visit a French lady who has been in the hospital. We worked on a 500 piece puzzle of the Taj Mahal, checked out rooftop life at their house and Ben tried his hand at kite flying.


They all have upstairs shoes just for going on the roof so they don’t have to track the dirt all through the house. Smart mama.



Maddie can’t avoid getting dirty. She touches everything within reach and then, always, touches her head and face. Yuck.


The Zufelts and Kathmandu skyline from the Patches roof.



Us with the Patch kiddos.

Ravi, Ben, Maddie Mae, Yared, Adie, Bronte in front with Angie, Ashlyn, Jacob and Brian behind.



Ashlyn enjoyed the rooftop fun with Dad.



Gretel was great to try and try again to help Ben with the kite her kids found crash landed in their yard and the little string that was left on it.



Then buddies Ravi and Ben gave it a go.



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