Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday at Our House

This morning we did awesome! It was Sunday. Everyone was up when we expected them to be. I even MADE breakfast instead of the kids getting their own cereal. I made French toast. Just as I was ready to eat one I realized it was Fast Sunday. So I fed the little people and skipped breakfast.

With an average amount of consternation and frustration we got everyone dressed with shoes and then loaded in the car with seatbelts. As we headed toward the freeway Ben casually mentioned, "I thought we started church two hours later this week." DOH!! Brian turned us around and we went back home to hang out for two more hours until it was time to leave for real.

At church we are in that awful place where it's time to teach Ashlyn that she has to stay with us in the pew for the WHOLE meeting and not be catered to and taken in and out for snacks and wiggles.

Frankly the entire chapel was LOUD today. The kids in the congregation were so loud that I honestly couldn't hear the speakers a fair amount of the time (maybe the microphone was too soft). I was getting incredibly frustrated and wanted to tell a couple very old kids in benches nearby to zip it. First - listen, don't talk. Second - if you have to talk then whisper, don't have full volume long discussions about the games you are both playing on ipads during services. And then the thought occurred to me that the tables would be turned VERY soon.

As I try to teach Ashlyn to be quiet we are making a distraction as well, but we are moving from a congregation of 300ish people and 80 primary aged kids to a congregation of 50 total people with 9 kids (4 will be ours). WE will be the noisy rotten family everyone else wants to leave the room very soon. Hopefully that will help me be patient next time I'm fed up with the noise.

On a more funny note today I was telling full volume Ashlyn to "Shhhh" but getting no response. It was reminiscent of another time about eight years ago. Ben was having the same noise trouble during sacrament meeting. After a few weeks of frustration I realized that the poor kid didn't know what "shhhh" even meant. Neither does Ashlyn. I had to tutor Ben midweek and I guess we will have to tutor Ashlyn just the same. I don't recall having to teach Madison or Jacob about it.

Since shhhh wasn't working I tried demonstrating a whisper. I would show her a fish in the book and whisper fish in her ear then ask her to say fish. She would mimic my quiet whisper. But it was a mistake to tell her what that was. As soon as I told her to whisper, trying to make the connection in her head, she would light up with a huge smile and WHISTLE. "NO!! Shhhh!" was all I could say but she didn't understand shhhh as I mentioned so it was all lost on her. She was just a happy, go lucky whistler in the middle of the chapel. I guess I've got some work to do.

Tonight she also learned a new phrase and has used it a lot. "More candy."

I was trying to type this blog post tonight and family scripture time came along. Not wanting to have yet another post left in draft mode, I cheated. I tried to quietly type while they read on the couches. When Brian announced it was prayer time Ashlyn scolded me, "Prayer Mommy!" and folded her arms to show me what to do.

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Anne Zufelt said...

I laughed and laughed. Especially about heading to church 2 hours early.