Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ben, Cub Scouts and the US Ambassador

Cub Scouts and the uniform they wear are a symbol of America as much as anything else to many people. Lots of folks in Singapore, of the American variety in particular, aren’t aware that the Boy Scouts of America have a very active pack here. We’ve been participating since we arrived and enjoy it. One of the things the boys are asked to do is hand out maps at the American Association celebration of Independence Day.

The boys are a hit at the entrance gate. I hear lots of comments about them bringing back great memories and how excited people are to see them. The boys crack me up doing their duty. They began the night on the grounds past security on the grass as you got to the activity and food zone. Within and hour they had emerged beyond the security gate in a competition to be the first one to give the people maps. Mostly it remained good natured but sometimes the boys got frustrated when their “customer” was stolen by another boy.

One boy, trying to top everyone else, started offering directions. He made his customers stop walking so he could give them detailed directions, “Okay. So you go straight then you turn left. Um. Left again then right.” Funny thing is, he kept changing his directions with left and right. Then he committed to a particular set of directions, wrong as they may have been. Didn’t take long before all the other boys were also giving out the first boys directions. I just laughed. No need to correct anyone – there wasn’t really any turn options beyond the first left it was a direct shot onto the center of the field with barricades on either side so you couldn't actually turn at all.
The boys were also asked to go on stage for the ceremony. A few people said a few things. My favorite was the pictures I snagged of Ben while the US Ambassador was speaking. Standing for 20 minutes (the whole thing, not just the Ambassador’s speech) was a little long for him. I wasn’t even trying to get funny shots, I only realized after the fact how humorous they all were. Here are my favorites.

"A good cub scout can listen and pay attention. I can do this."

"I wonder if Maddie is having any fun out there in the audience."

"Is it time for the fireworks yet?"

"All these big words are soooo confusing. I just can't listen anymore."

"Forget the fireworks. Can I just go home now?"

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