Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, July 23, 2012

Maddie Mae Poem

Maddie’s teacher Ms. Kiran asked us to each write down a few things about our Super Star kids so they could be spotlighted a few weeks before the end of the year. Here’s what I came up with. I’m no poet, but I got a silly bug and decided to try to make it a little more special and fun for my cute Maddie Mae.


My Maddie Mae

My Maddie is a SUPERSTAR,
Of that there is no doubt.
She makes me laugh and smile,
Every time that we go out.


She wants to be an artist
And that’s just what she’ll be.
If you come to my house
Her art is what you’ll see.


Our walls are full of color
Creations high and low.
With all her work and practice
It’s fun to see her grow.


She loves to use her markers
And check the color chart.
Creating new treats for my eyes
She makes amazing art.


Tape and glue and staples.
Essential to her soul.
Recycle bins and other scraps.
Treasures found on every stroll.


Painting is her favorite.
With a brush she will create
Cards with hearts and flowers.
She makes everything look great!


When it comes to baking cookies
Maddie’s my first mate.
She measures, dumps and mixes
Bakes the best you ever ate.


I like to hear her read me books
Every day at least one story.
She loves to hear all my praise
And smiling basks in glory.


When Maddie is excited
There are sparkles in her eyes.
She loves to hug and snuggle.
It’s my very favorite prize.


She loves to get all dressed up,
Wear jewels and ribbons too.
A dress that spins out really big,
Pink nails and a tattoo!


Her happy face is precious
Her smile from ear to ear.
The reason that we love her
Is always very clear.


Giving, giving, giving
All of the day through.
Making others smile
Is what she tries to do.


You cannot help but love her
She’ll always love you back.
From the first light in the morning
Until the sky’s pitch black.

I love you, my Maddie Mae!!


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