Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, July 9, 2012

Priceless Quotes - The Kids Assess Utah and Other Things

Maddie pointing at the mountains on the Wasatch Front: “I think I just found Mount Everest!!”


Ben “What time is it? In America I mean.”


Maddie when mom pointed out Bingham Copper Mine across the valley: “Maybe it’s a dog just digging for his bone.” This copper mine is the largest open pit in the world last I heard. Must be Clifford the big red dog’s older brother digging.


Maddie talking to Grandma Robinson: “You don’t look like a grandma yet. Just a grownup.” Later we had her assess Grandpa. He has enough gray and white hair he qualifies as a real grandpa.


Brian told the kids to look for the big letter ‘G’ on the mountain and told them it was for a high school. Maddie says: “Maybe it’s for the Japanese High School because G makes the ‘juh’ sound.” Cute she thinks Provo would have an international school. I wonder if there is any international school in Utah at all.


Ben: “Is Hollywood somewhere?” Brian replies, “It’s in California where Uncle Jason lives.” “I think I saw it from the airplane.” Interesting. I doubt he could see it from 30,000 feet in the air, plus we flew over Anchorage and past Seattle landing in San Francisco. Didn’t even get close to Los Angeles.


Ben along I-15 in Provo area: “In the desert there is a rock that’s an upside down U shape. I think I just saw it.” At fuirst I wanted to laugh – he thinks he saw the Arches National Park famous arch in Provo.  Turns out it was a mini golf type thing – you Utahns would know but I’ve never seen it before. Must be new, and by new I mean less than ten years old when we moved away.


Ben was asked to find the “Y” on the mountain. Then we asked what college it was for and he replied, “Brother Young.” Close. Really close. Brigham Young.


Leaving my parents house I declared that all Nintendo DS things must be turned off. I suggested we play the alphabet game. Maddie was quickly intimidated by Ben’s quick eyes and declared she would play the flag game instead. I didn’t realize how many American flags were EVERYWHERE! It was kind of fun to see all the ginormous flags from the freeway. It’s been a long time.


Another weird thing? Kids driving cars. Yep. You crazy people let 16 year olds drive. You have to be 21 in Singapore – and stinking rich to afford a car so you never see young people drive.


Maddie: “Are we staying here for winter?”


Billboard sign in Spanish Fork for a monthly/yearly type membership in a club for botox treatments. Really people??? Also of note are tons of plastic surgery signs. I take that as a really bad sign for the pressures on women there.


Ben: “We’re passing a farm! I even see a cow.”


Ben was told to take a shower this morning. He dutifully went off but quickly returned, “How do I turn the hot water on?” He couldn’t find the red switch outside the bathroom to on the water heater.

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