Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good Day for Mom

Today I did not submit insurance claims.

I did not attach the mountain of mess in the office.

Instead I went to yoga. Came home and played with Ashlyn for about two hours and had her giggling and read her a book or two and played quiz games about her feet and nose and ears and such. She's such a delightful smiley little bundle of happiness.

I repaired a high heel shoe at school with masking tape when the entire bottom came unglued then went to lunch in the cafeteria with my style conscious Madison Mae.

Went to recess and played basketball with Maddie and her cute little girl friends.

Walked her to music class where I joined Ben in his lunchroom. He told me about his day and explained what kind of cards the boys were trading at the lunch tables. Then I arm wrestled some darn strong third grade boys.

Visited Ben's art room to see his cool bowl project he's been working on for a while and telling me all about so I could tell it was a big deal. It really does look awesome.

Then I told him I could play tag with him at recess because I played basketball with Maddie and he laughed at me. Silly Mom, he doesn't play tag anymore, that's so last month. He practices soccer by kicking a ball against the kindergarten wall. Since I only had flip flops on today, we settled for a game of ping pong in the Intermediate School Lobby. Someone came by near the end of recess and asked who was winning...we both laughed, "We don't know!" We hadn't even thought to keep score. We were having such a great time.

When the bell rang he went off to art class to finish his African bowl and I headed home. Jake arrived shortly after my return from a play date with his best buddy. The mom warned me he was getting cranky and just wanted to lay on the couch. She said he reported about school, "I had a good day at the start, but then it got bad at the end part."

So I cuddled my little boy who is not so little anymore and asked him about his day. The first part was good, but then Kaiden called him "stinky" and the day was bad after that. His lip puckered out and his head sunk down as his shoulders did his classic sad posture. I assured him that he wasn't stinky and that I loved him lots and lots. Keeping his body slumped in the deflated position he looked up at me, thoughtfully, over the rim of his glasses and after a minute he asked, "Do you love all of me, even every single one of my teeth?" Then the smile broke through.

I tickled his tummy and we counted every single one of his teeth to which he proclaimed, "That's a lot of teeth! You love me a lot!"

Then I took my cute little man upstairs and snuggled him on the futon couch while he drifted off to sleep to rest his body so he wouldn't be sad anymore. And I drifted off too for about ten minutes of a power nap.

Not so very long later it was time for a surprisingly pleasant day of homework with Ben at the kitchen table, then pickup Madison from swimming and hear all about how tiring it is to swim from one side of the pool all the way to the other side. We got her a snack and headed to her second violin lesson.

Violin I thought went well, but she said it was worse than last week because the teacher made her work. Go figure. She's seeming to enjoy it most of the time though so I'm not worried.

After dinner everyone changed into pajamas and brushed their teeth and came to family scripture time and prayers and then even tidied up the play room without a single tear.

Oh yeah, Brian is good too. He helped the kids put the wheels on their pinewood derby cars and held down the fort while I was at violin and tutored the neighbor in chemistry for a test tomorrow and got the kids dressed this morning and breakfast. Super dad is now, at 10pm, prepping for a birthday party magic show he donated to the school auction for the PTA.

It was a great day today with my cute family. So grateful they are mine. Each one is such a blessing and a joy.

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