Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cub Scout Registration

I was just perusing through old posts making sure all was in order on the blog when I ran across this post. Still in draft mode. It had me cracking up. I see why I didn't publish it at the time. Now a year and a half and a quarter globe away from the situation I can laugh at myself (and the people that about made me lose my mind). Enjoy and have a laugh on me today.

Written August 23, 2013 - in the middle of Cub Scout registration where we topped out at 176 scouts. I was the poor schmuck who accepted the job of registrar.

If you want to see how hard I can bite just write "see last years form" on the Cub Scout registration forms and assume I will go to the hot and sweaty locker and dig through old dusty papers because you are lazy. IDIOTS!! You can't take 10 seconds to write it down? I have given up all my free time for 3 weeks to do this volunteer job and you can't fill in a critical line like that?

And NO I won't lead your den because you want to be involved in your kids life. I don't have one in your grade level and already do TWO JOBS for the pack.

NO I will not organize your uniform order. I have my stuff already and got burned when someone didn't pay me last year. And I didn't even need anything for my own kid. It was just something I did to be nice that turned into a disaster.

NO you did not pay. Like I told you before. You didn't send me any money.

NO cub scouts isn't like basketball camp where you drop them off for 4 hours and go get a pedicure. It is MANDATORY that tiger parents attend with their boys. You aren't an exception.

YES I am going to require that you complete the form. The WHOLE form. Just writing the scouts name at the top doesn't cut it.

NO we will not change the date of the pack meeting for 160 families because you can't make it one day. You aren't that important. 

YES you may need to step up and lead a den or else there won't be a den for your kid to attend. I WILL NOT LEAD YOUR DEN. Remember? I already have two jobs with the pack and you have none. Plus I am room mom and help at my church and loads if other stuff while you go to lunch with your girl friends or golf with your buddies. Volunteer organization means get off your butt and help!

I am about ready to throw in the towel. Too many idiots in this country. It's full of a bunch of unrealistic people. 

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