Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Thursday, March 8, 2012


What exactly is that? Otherwise I've been okay with the hospital food so far.

I have a seafood allergy marked on a neon orange wristband and my file though. Yesterday they brought me the menu when I could start a soft diet again. Choice available for soft diet was fishball soup. I told the lady I can't have that. She asks me what I think is a soft food that I like. I suggest scrambled eggs. She says okay to write it down. I write "scrambled eggs". She says "No write on soft." I look for a line to write it on but don't see one. I point, "Write the word soft here?" She affirms. I wonder since scrambled eggs seem pretty darn soft by nature should I have written "under cooked" instead? Ended up not mattering. Never got those soft undercooked scrambled eggs. Got chicken broth again instead.

Another time a different lady brought the menu. I get daily choice of Chinese, Western, Malay, Vegetarian or Local Diet. Every option, including the western meal, had fish. I got to hand write in "grilled chicken breast" for my choice. I think they ate pretty lax on the menu here.

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Brent said...

In Lao tradition the mother wouldn't eat anything but boiled chicken, rice, and some herbs for one month after the birth. So count yourself lucky on that one...

It's also curious to experience the Asian concept of "allergies." Similar to "vegetarian" they don't always seem to understand that you really mean it when you say you can't/don't eat a certain type of food.