Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's March...Shouldn't I Still Have a Coat?

It's 10 am Sunday morning the first part of March. In my head I should be wearing a coat or at least a jacket. Instead I am sitting at the hospital Delifrance outdoor patio. I should be sweating and sticky but today, here in the shade the weather is perfect beyond description. The temperature mild, humidity low, breeze light and not hot and oppressive (can't bring myself to say cool though it feels it relative to normal Singapore). The fountain in the stone paved flower garden is peaceful and the jungle bird calls delightfully relaxing. God sure make a beautiful world. Today I will have to enjoy this as my church service. Not a bad trade to the three wiggle monsters we cart off to the regular Sunday services with markers and coloring books. Soon enough I'll be right back in the thick of it only with four wiggle monsters. They sure are cute ones though.

Brian dropped me at the hospital this morning for the 9am feeding. Ashlyn is getting 30 mL by bottle when I'm not around every three hours. She got 25 mL in ten minutes before she got sleepy. The nurse said to try for those last 5 mL. I got her woke up just a little and in ten more minutes she fell asleep but weighed in with a whopping 65 mL in 20 minutes with me today. No worries if breast feeding will work out at home now. She may not stay in premie clothes I've got for her very long!

The feeding is going great. Breathing and oxygen saturation levels show her immature lung has developed sufficiently. Now we are on to jaundice. Levels have been up and down. Her morning test was 228. One more day suntanning under the blue lights in the NICU then she should head home tomorrow. Bummer to be delayed. Again.

Plan for today is catch the 9 am, noon and at least 3 pm feedings. If I'm still feeling good maybe even 6pm. Then head home to rest. I prepared for this. I took both types of pain meds, brought the pump and the laptop, put my medical binder on as tight as I can manage to keep my insides in place while my abdominal muscles heal up. Cash in my pocket to get good healthy meals. Actually I don't have pockets. That's one of my beefs with the maternity clothing industry. Just cause I'm pregnant (or post pregnant bit still chubby) doesn't eliminate my need for pockets. Some of us don't like to carry purses or bags but carry one I must until I slim back down.

Tomorrow I come back at 9 am to feed and get lab results then, hopefully, take her home. In a taxi. Haha.

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