Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Down Side to Snow

Stopped on the interstate. Were for well over one hour, then we moved slowly covering only three miles in thirty minutes as we approach the mountain pass near Beaver. Of course that can only mean one thing. A nasty accident on the snow and ice covered roads.

The storm was supposed to hit overnight and weather start warming by noon according to the weather report last night, so we planned to leave about noon.  No surprise it didn’t exactly work that way. Nothing was coming down when I woke up to feed Ashlyn at 7:30 and the grass was still showing. When we rolled out of bed about 10 am (I think the 14 hour time difference finally hit us) the snow was coming down softly but proceeded to get heavier and heavier.

The drive from Brian’s parents’ house in Cedar City to mine in Centerville is about three and a half hours in good weather and knowing the roads freeze as the sun goes down we decided to head out on our way despite the falling snow. We were northbound about 2:30 only to come to a dead stop just after 3:00. So I’m spending my time typing blog posts on the laptop and taking Ashlyn in and out of her car seat to settle her down.

Brian asked if I had ever wondered how long it would take to walk to Salt Lake City because we may just find out today. It’s only 250 miles (400 km) at 6 mph is only a 42 hour drive so we should get to Salt Lake about the time we should have touched down in Singapore. Poor Gina. She may quit the minute we walk back in the door. She made me laugh when we called to check in on the kids two nights ago. She said everyone is doing just fine. Ben and Jacob are great. Maddie still doesn’t listen. That totally cracked me up. Life as usual.

We passed the wreck and it looks bad. One vehicle must have rolled to have that much even side damage and I hope the passengers are all okay. We are far away from a big hospital. Traffic is moving slowly now, about 35 mph and it’s fast enough for me. The roads are packed with snow in the canyon and it’s still coming down heavy so we can’t see far up the road but the continuous motion and lullaby of the wheels has helped Ashlyn nod off to sleep.  I fanaticize about snow all year round but it’s a dangerous thing on the road.

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