Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm Not Doing Anything

It’s long been the joke at our house because of some sibling story from Brian’s past life. Some neighbor kid would come upstairs periodically and telling everyone at his house, “I’m not doing anything.” Then he would return back downstairs. I understand this neighbor friend was breaking his mother’s decorative plates down in that basement.


We get home from church at about 4:30. Today our home teacher visited right away and soon it was a few minutes after 5:00. The kids didn’t eat breakfast until we came downstairs this morning and we decided to make Ben a birthday breakfast of waffles, eggs and smoothies.  We finally ate at 10:00 am. That made getting lunch at 11:00 a bit of a joke before they left for church at 11:55 (Maddie had a fever so Ashlyn and I stayed home with her). The boys each took a small bagel for lunch on the go but were likely pretty hungry when they got home from church.


Brian let them all have a trick-or-treat (the name of our residual candy stash) but only one each because it was nearly dinner time. After the treat Jacob came to me multiple times saying, “I’m not eating anything in the kitchen.” Or, “I am not doing something right now.” Shortly after that we went in the kitchen to make dinner. Jacob proceeded to tell me, “I just ate two of those behind the fridge so you couldn’t see me do it.” He was referring to pink candy sticks. The joy of a three year old and their incomplete sense of logic and what you should and shouldn’t say. Guess who got a timeout.

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