Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I feel like I'm back in high school again. I am sprinting through my life this last while especially. I dash from kid drop off to play with Ashlyn during her morning awake hour. When she gets tired I feed her while I check email on my phone or listen to scriptures be read to me on my phone. As soon as she nods off I start my mental one hour timer. That's all the free time u get in a day. I need to arrange doctor appointments, pay bills, manage our real estate business stuff, return phone calls to the US before businesses close, sew the buttons on the blessing dress before Ashlyn's photo shoot, figure out a way to make Maddie's new glasses work with her patches and fix the old ones back to normal shape with two pairs of pliers, cub scout registration data inputting, clean the house for a dragon baby party at my house today, find a room for us to meet in at the school for our girl scout troop, plan the parent coffee for the third grade class, attend the PTA meeting, get a massage because my body hurts so bad it's painful to walk, sit or stand.

After that's all taken care of in 60 minutes or less I have to run to pickup Jacob (and often a neighbor or two) from preschool. That counts as my exercise for the day because it's a mile in the Singapore heat and humidity. When we get home walking at preschool speed accommodating for his short little legs he is usually. Ready for lunch. Then he is totally exhausted. He asks me to snuggle him on the couch and read him books which is. Exactly what he needs because hrs snotty and has a little cough and wants nothing more than to be in my arms. Usually it takes until about 2:15 for him to give into his body and fall asleep. That leaves me again a teensy tinsey window of 15 minutes to start and finish a task before my 2:30 alarm to go walk back to the school for the third time in the day to pick up my Maddie Mae.

Maddie is a social gal and what she needs most is to giggle and run with her friends to destress. So we stay for a while, usually until I know I need to hurry home and feed Ashlyn again if I didn't bring her in the stroller.

Home brings me my Ben waiting for a snack and I initiate the homework routine to begin. He initiates the "It's too hard" whine noises. When we finally finish for the day Ashlyn seems to need feeding while Jacob needs more snuggles after waking groggy from his nap.

Then we tidy up toys and set the table for dinner. Say my prayer of gratitude that at least I didn't have to cook a meal too in all this mayhem.

I'm feeling so frantic this week. Last week I made progress in the mess. This week I undid any progress I had previously made as I blew through the house dropping this bag of gear and grabbing the next one to rush away again. Today should be bad and then Friday is mine without any extra meetings or appointments.

I wonder sometimes but I don't think I've over committed myself really. I think it's just a really busy time this month. Cross you fingers and say a prayer with me that I'm right! I'm just hating deadlines and pressure today because I'm getting emails like crazy asking if I got this and that done. The answer is unfortunately, "NO." It's not because I forgot. I just haven't got to it yet. It's on the list. Now it's 4:00am and I think I'll just go start on the list because I can't sleep because my brain won't shut off with To Do list running through it and even getting it out in this blog post hasn't settled me. Good morning world. Here I come!

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