Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"I'll Spit On Her!"

Ashlyn is a very wet baby. She always has slobber dripping off her chin and copious amounts of spit bubbles on her lips. She sneezed a big wet face full of nasty onto me yesterday. I proclaimed, "Eww!! That's gross Ashlyn!" Jacob ran over to me and loudly declared, "I'll spit on her for you!" Have I mentioned that he's spending fifty percent of his time outs as a result of spitting? It's a problem to be sure.

Also Ashlyn has some news. She's discovering her hands. She is playing with her binkie on a string and gobbling her fingers all day long. This picture made me laugh. She pulled the string hard and it sprung up. She was so confused and couldn't find it anywhere. Poor girl. It was sitting right there on her forehead.

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