Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

White Lodge Art Exhibit - Octopus Whale

Jacob had some art work displayed in an art exhibit with his little buddies last night. We got exactly one picture before my camera died.


It was a real fun night. It was scheduled from 5 to 7pm so of course he fell asleep on the way there. Brian took the day off work so he could do a magic show for 100 of Maddie’s closest friends in pre-kindergarten then take yet another motorcycle class to get his license. It had already been a long day when we got all fancied up to go to the museum. Ben protested saying that he didn’t have to dress up to go to the art museum on his school fieldtrip. Cheeky boy!


After everyone was fancy we loaded into the car and braved traffic. Singapore is a funny place. You find the most interesting things in the most unlikely places. The art gallery they had rented out was in an industrial building right next to the shipping yard. The entry gate to the car park had two lanes: one for cars and vans, the other for container trucks hauling 40 foot loads to be shipped overseas. So typical here.


We parked and found the passenger lift at the end of the loading dock after passing four freight elevators that could fit a car inside. The art gallery was a lovely little place and his school had arranged for it to be catered. Wine for the adults, punch for the kiddos (and Mormons) and pigs in a blanket and other fancier finger foods for all.


We had a lovely time searching for art work of all the friends we know at our White Lodge Preschool campus and the other ones around the island. The theme of the night was the ocean so all the art work had something to do with their learning unit on the sea and sea creatures. Jacob’s was called “Octopus Whale” and he was very proud of it! As I mentioned he had fallen asleep so Brian carried him inside. He was limp and laying on his shoulder as we went in and even when his teachers greeted him and tried to wake him up.  He remained a floppy as we walked around the room looking at the other pieces.


Finally the kids found Jacob’s piece. When we asked if he knew who made it a smile slowly grew across his face from ear to ear and he pointed happily at his chest. “I did it.” He was finally awake now. I wish my battery hadn’t died after someone took our family picture so could have taken a good one of his picture. They were really cool. They used some sort of a melted wax to draw the lines then painted in the color. The small animal in his picture is the octopus. The big one is the whale with a very large blow hole that makes Jacob smile every time he thinks about it blowing water up high in the sky.


On our way out to the car we watched the diesel trucks in line to have their cargo boxes lifted up by those super huge cranes. It was super cool to see them in action. Usually we pass by on the freeway so we can’t stop to observe. Everyone thought it was a fun night but they were tired when we got home. We had a snack before we left and a light something at the gallery and had Gina planning to serve dinner when we arrived home at 7pm.


Traffic was heavy getting home or maybe we stayed to long looking at art and container trucks loading cargo ships but we got home at 7:30. Maddie had a sip of milk and went to bed. Jacob had a sip of milk and sat not eating for a long time before he headed to bed. Ben said he was fine but I don’t think he had a single bite before I just told him that his eyes were closed and maybe he should head to bed too.  For three exhausted kids who couldn’t even stay awake to eat a single bite of dinner, they sure stayed up late in their beds. Darn second winds – especially at kiddie bedtime.


All in all we had a great night. Great job Jacob on your art work.

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