Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rowdy Bunch

As if Sacrament Meeting wasn’t enough yesterday, I teach primary too.  Our congregation is so large that there are 25 kids born just in the year 2004 (6 girls and 19 boys).  That should merit three classes, but because our building just doesn’t have that kind of space (most the other classes from three year olds to ten year olds have a similar problem).  For now we are split into two classes, leaving me to teach twelve kids each week and unless someone is traveling, all twelve families are active and they attend weekly.


My class is a bunch of wiggly, active kindergarten and first graders.  It’s been a challenge establishing expectations of behavior.  I guess they haven’t had a long term regular teacher in a very long time.  I’m making progress, but sometimes I’m just not sure what to do.  I even have a set of twins that are super busy.  They are real cute and want my attention all the time.  I’m developing good relationships with all of them.  They smile and yell “HI SISTER ZUFELT!!!” across the school yard when the ones at Ben’s school see me.


Yesterday during Sharing Time (the kid meeting with music time and a fun lesson and all the classes together) Eli wouldn’t stay sitting and his mouth was going about a mile a minute no matter what I said to him about listening or singing.  I often have to put my arm around his shoulders to keep him focused and seated.  Actually, I have to do it often anyway because despite the amount of room on the pew, he scoots right up next to me or tries to sit on my lap and nuzzles his way under my arm on purpose.


With one arm around his shoulders already, I finally took the other hand and covered his mouth with my other hand.  “This is what I should be hearing right now during the lesson, right?” I said to him.  He looked me straight in the eyes so he knew I was paying attention and slowly licked all over my entire hand.  Yuck.  Using my superior intelligence, I then slowly removed my hand, revealing a huge grin on his face.  As he began to tell me, “See, you shouldn’t cover my mouth,” or something along those lines, I slowly wiped my hand dry across his nose and forehead.  “That’s disgusting!!” he exclaimed.  “Yep.  Sure is gross when your face has slobber all over it.” I said.  Wonder if he’ll do that again.  Wonder if they’ll fire me. J  At least I’m having fun with my cute bunch of ruffians.

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