Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Services - Dream World vs My Reality

Our Sunday services are designed to allow time for personal reflection and introspection each week. We partake of the sacrament every Sunday to remind us of Jesus and his atonement for our sins.  After opening song, prayer and announcements are made we sing a reverent sacrament hymn and the congregation is quiet as first the bread and then the water representing Christ’s body and blood respectively are passed to each individual.  It can be a wonderful time to ponder God, life and how I am doing or what things I need to reconcile with the Lord over and repent to become more like Jesus.  Here are the first two verses of the hymn we sung today:


Reverently and meekly now,

Let thy head most humbly bow.

Think of me, thou ransomed one;

Think what I for thee have done.

With my blood that dripped like rain,

Sweat in agony of pain,

With my body on the tree

I have ransomed even thee.


In this bread now blest for thee,

Emblem of my body see;

In this water or this wine,

Emblem of my blood divine.

Oh, remember what was done
That the sinner might be won.

On the cross of Calvary

I have suffered death for thee.


Here is what I think I sung today:


Reverently and meekly now,

Let thy head –Jacob quiet

Think of me, thou – No.  Stop.

Think what – Give me that. –  have done.

Don’t hit the bench with the markers – like rain,

No.  I’ll take it away if you don’t stop.

With my body on the tree

Maddie, don’t laugh at him.


In this bread – Both of you quiet. – now blest for thee,

Please use a whisper voice.

In this water – No.  That is not an inside voice.

Emblem of my blood divine.

Oh, remember – The Jesus pictures are at Jakes house in the other bag.

On the cross of Calvary (while Jake screamed “I NOT JESUS!”)

I know you’re not Jesus.  I don’t have the pictures. – death for thee.


I just sung my new version of the hymn to Brian and asked how his side of the bench was today during sacrament.  He said, “I had a little bit of that too. ‘Jacob, Maddie.  Go back over to mom’s side.’”  Punk husband I got, huh?


Maybe when they are teenagers I’ll get more out of church.  There is a time and a season for everything, right?

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