Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The announcement...Its a tradition

Here is the announcement...

Many years ago my parents announced the coming of my little brother (the fourth child in our family) by calling the family together and giving everyone a gift. We never received gifts other than birthdays and Christmas, so we knew this was a very special occasion, and boy, were we excited. Not only were we getting a gift, but it was HUGE!!! Even our birthday presents weren't this big. Imagine our surprise when we unwrapped the packages to find...diapers. I was five at the time, so I cannot recall the emotions of the day. I only remember seeing the huge present. I remember laughing, but not much else.

Recently my younger sister announced the coming of their fourth child by following what is now an official family tradition. I am not sure if my older brother followed this tradition, but a tradition it now is. As you can see in the video, I followed the tradition to announce our new baby to our kids. In case you don't want to watch the 4 minute clip, the highlights are:

  • Ben's smile when he finally figured out why our family would need newborn diapers. He is excited to have a little brother (he'll accept a little sister if needed)
  • Maddie was completely ticked off because "Diapers are a terrible present!"
  • Once Maddie understood we were announcing a little baby, she asked me if I could feel the baby yet. I answered that I couldn't so she decided it might be a large vegetable growing inside me...perhaps a giant broccoli.
  • Jacob was super excited to receive a package of diapers. Perhaps he thought this meant that we were postponing the potty training and he could just enjoy life a little longer.
  • Jacob decided that we are not going to have a baby, but instead a "yittle fluffly doggie."

I am due in March and we are all very excited.


Hilary said...

Love it! Congratulations!! What a fun tradition!

Anthony and Kristie said...


The Roth's said...

Congrats Ang! xo

Stephie said...

The video is hilarious! I love the kids reactions. Its obviously going to take a bit for the news sink in for them! Haha! Congrats to you all--and miss you much!!

Courtney said...

fun! i love the "do you want a baby?" from ben.
congrats. can't wait to hear about your prenatal care and delivery experience.

Courtney said...

a quick google search... sounds like you are in good hands because people from indonesia, etc like to GO to singapore to have their babies.

the reporting of a birth abroad was a surprisingly easy, well-navigatable process for us. hope it is for you, too!


Laura said...

How crazy and exciting all the same time! I love the pouty reaction to getting diapers. Congrats on #4!

Jana Hyatt said...

Oh Angie, we are so happy for you. I hope you find at least half the food you are craving. I know the feeling. I miss real Mexican!

Claudia said...

I loved the video!! I miss you guys so much!! I just knew that Maddie Mae would not like her present - typical Maddie response. Of course, Jacob's wanting a fluffy doggie was great, too. I can't believe how well he's talking. Wish you were still down the street!! Love 'ya.