Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Is it because of the lack of availability or is this just regular pregnancy?  I don’t recall this intense preoccupation with food during my first three pregnancies.  I think about all the things I can’t have all day long now.

With Ben I definitely craved French fries. With all three pregnancies Brian and I have had a tradition of making hot dogs at midnight for our fourth meal together so I am full enough I can sleep through the night. It’s kind of fun actually to have that weird late night tradition together.  Right now Richard keeps us stocked up with beef hot dogs and buns since I can only find chicken hot dogs in the stores.  They don’t taste exactly right, but at least it’s something.

One day all I wanted was a bag of Swedish Fish but I know that ain’t gonna happen.  Where the heck would I buy Swedish Fish candy here in Singapore? 

Sunday night it was Chipotle.  Oh the tender pulled meats piled high on a soft bed of rice and beans with a big blob of guacamole on top.  Makes my mouth water.  Even just guacamole.  Avocados never ripen here and premade guac is weird here.

Monday night when we were trying to figure out when to fly home and pick dates we were discussing how even though our plans were to come home for Christmas this year, it looks like maybe the work schedule is becoming flexible enough to allow us to come in the summer after all.  I would absolutely rather travel in the summer because it’s just ten times more fun to be outdoors playing rather than stuck inside (plus we don’t have winter clothes for our kids anymore – interpret this to mean not even a single pair of long pants).  I happened to mention to Brian that another main deciding factor was that if we went in the summer we could stay about a week longer and that translated directly into two more Chipotle nights, three Café Rios and at least one Olive Garden with unlimited bread sticks, salad and chicken alfredo.  He just laughed at me but has no idea how serious I was.

I need to eat of course a lot more than I used to so Sundays can present a problem for me.  We eat about 7:30 breakfast so we can leave at 8:00 for 9:00 church in the city.  We pile back into the car about 12:15 and eat lunch about 1pm if we’re fast and efficient.  That’s a long, long time to not eat for me right now.  Twice I brought Goldfish to eat in the car but we have a serious no food rule so we don’t have cockroaches in the car. (Yes, that’s a real issue here and I have roach traps under the seats in our car.)

This week the sharing time lesson for the children’s class was about how our body is like a temple and God wants us to take care of it.  They picked pictures off the wall and had to place them on the “Good for Your Body” or “Bad for Your Body” side of the board.  There I was sitting in the back row wanting to throw up or eat something to settle my stomach while they began the discussion about hot dogs, pizza, strawberries, bread, ice cream, watermelon, corn on the cob and all sorts of other mouthwatering sorts of things. (Don’t worry - drugs, alcohol and cigarettes went on the bad side, ice cream, hot dogs and pizza got a middle spot signifying “okay to eat but not every day.”)

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KaDee said...

I'm finally catching up on your blog. I'm so excited that you're pregnant!! Congrats to the entire family. Happy to hear you'll be joining the 4 kids club. :)