Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Heart is At Mason with a Picket Sign, My Body is on the Couch

Obama is speaking today at George Mason University about his healthcare disaster in attempts to gain support. That's about two miles from the house. There is a kill the bill rally this morning and that's where my heart is. Unfortunately, I'm here on the couch. Ben is at school. Maddie and Jakey are three doors down so I can rest. Darn this surgery. I guess the surgery went well. Many aspects reminded me of the accident. You don't often feel pressure on that bone of your upper jaw. It made me uneasy to just sit and let them wiggle and twist. I could have sworn that the bone was going to snap again. I was all queasy inside. I could tell, however, that the surgeon was working with extreme caution. All his movements (with a monster wrench attached to my tooth) were slow and gentle yet really, really strong. I was scared of my bone snapping again because I remember months and months after my accident we would have to make follow up appointments with the doctor, maybe the endodontist? I dont' know. I was only sixteen. Anyway, my upper gums would begin to swell and we'd go in for a quick check. My body was ejecting pieces of shattered bone splinters. They would push them to the surface of my gums out above my front two teeth. The doctor would take a knife, slice open my gums and with a pair of tweezers remove chunks of bone. It was lovely. That's what I was remembering as the surgeon twisted and pulled every so smoothly to remove the root of the messed up tooth. This morning I woke up feeling okay. Turns out it's a bit like having a c-section I guess. You wake up good. Feeling embarassed to have a neighbor help watch your kids. Shower. Get the kids breakfast, dressed and ready to go. All you want to do is take a nap. I'm wiped out. The whole eating fiasco for me is too complicated to deal with while they are around. I dropped them off, cooked some scrambled eggs and let them cool while I type. Guess I should go eat, do the pain meds, wound care (clean it all up, then stop the bleeding) and take a quick nap before it's time to pick the kids up. This better be worth it. I think it will. It just doesn't feel like it today with dry slobbery blood all over my lips and throbbing in my upper jaw. If I get some energy later today, I'll upload the video Brian took of my wounds last night. It's surprising, really. I don't think it's too gross. Maybe I'm wrong. The stitches look like a spider web. There are tons.

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Cath said...

Heavens Ang! This sounds awful!!! I hope you have help with the kids more than just today! Sounds like you could use it. I'm amazed your blogging.

And I've been meaning to commend you on taking a stand (here on your blog) and elsewhere on Health Care. You go girl! I wish I was there with you. I'd take your picket sign to Mason for you. Kids and all! I love you!