Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Options

Obamacare passed late last night. I had a feeling the abortion card would be pulled out at the last minute. The pro-life Democrats that wouldn't budge with federal funding for abortions had Obama sign an executive order stating that no federal dollars would be used to fund abortions. That cleared the way for them to vote in favor of the healthcare bill. It's such a disaster. I'm so disappointed. I want reform. This bill is so full of garbage. It wasn't the way to do it. I wonder what the fallout from this will be. It scares me. We cannot afford it. No doubt there will be constitutional challenges. The whole thing leaves me with three options. #1 - Stick it out in Virginia. We were the first state to pass legislation that protects us from having the federal government impose mandatory insurance upon us. There are 34 other states with bills in process to do the same, but I'm glad to be in a state leading the way. #2 - Move to Texas. The ExxonMobil 5 -7 year plan is to move their headquarters down to Houston anyway, so we can just go ahead and get it done now. Then Texas can secede from the United States and be rid of the healthcare disaster. Now we just have to choose - The Woodlands, Kingwood or Clear Lake again. #3 - Move to Singapore. A position will open up near the end of the year. Brian can start doing some hard core soliciting to get us there. You should have seen poor Ben's face when we mentioned it at all. He was NOT happy. Brian told his parents on Skype about this option and Ben sat on the couch arms folded and pouty faced the rest of the conversation. My dad calls this "pucker lip", maybe mean, but it makes me smile when my kids do the pucker lip as I think of my dad teasing me about my pucker lip years and years ago. One positive thing to say. They did opt against the "deem and pass" option. Thank you for that. I would feel no obligation to obey the law if it wasn't passed in the proper legal way. As it is, there may be rotten, nasty back room deals, but they passed it in proper form with a formal vote. I may be sickened, but I'm an American. I am duty bound to obey the law while I work my tail off to change it. Don't forget to vote in November. Vote out every single "Yes" vote and send a message about what we think. It matters. It really does.


Laura said...

I think there will be some big changes come November. I also think Obama is a one term president. Unfortunately, he's going to leave lots of upheaval as he leaves!

Still, God is in control!! Even with this.

Juli said...

Angie, Singapore is supposed to be nice. We've got heeps of friends here who have lived there. And we'd only be a couple time zones apart. I don't know what to think of the health care plan yet, but I have lived in two different countries who have had it, and I haven't had any problems.

Speaking of other countries, my advice is to not talk about it to your children until it is a done deal (or if you really need to know their opinion - like ours who are old enough to have a say). The problem is, that things fall through. You may or may not go. It is very stressful for them to always be thinking about moving. Some (my oldest, for example) will stop trying to be friends with people if they think they are moving, which is not healthy. Save them the bother of stressing about it and let them know when to start getting excited - 4 weeks before the moving van comes. Just a bit of advice from one who has been there.

The Woodlands is (are?) very nice. And housing in Texas is cheap.

We love you guys. We're bound to live near (same hemisphere) each other again some time. . .

Juli said...

If I get to vote I vote Singapore. That would be awesome! We could visit you and you could visit us for holidays!! Best of luck with it. This is Shon not Juli.