Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6:39 AM

That’s when the first head popped out of their room. Depressing, I know. It’s summer and we’re supposed to sleep in. Lucky (??) for me Ashlyn wanted to eat at 5:00 am and since I’d been under the weather I went to sleep last night at 8:00. So did Ashlyn so I had a great night and by the time I finished feeding her, Brian was about to get up and shower so I fiddled around on Facebook until it was my turn to shower. I landed downstairs to start my productive day and get a bunch accomplished at 6:20.


I got nineteen minutes before Jakey came plodding down the two flights of stairs groggy headed and pulling his two beloved woobies behind him. I love to see him first thing in the morning. He’s cute as can be. Our house is three levels and 38 of the 40 stairs from top to bottom are hard wood. When he wakes he has hand me down pajamas that are stretched and saggy. His hair has been tossled and it looks to have the tiniest hints at curls. He drags his two beloveds behind him as his chubble little feet plod down, down, down in a groggy stooper.  Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Still taking two steps per stair because he’s too tired to do it normally that early in the morning.


When he sees me at the bottom his left eye looks directly at me as his face does one of two things. He can scowl his disapproval at being arisen by his siblings dressing for school. Or smile ear to ear and come sit upon my lap to snuggle in my lap and rub his cheek into my shoulder as he curls in a ball with the woobies.


Today his comments made me laugh. He came to me but before he could even climb in my lap, nature called and he detoured to the toilet. While there he coughed and told me, “Mom. You shouldn’t be down here. I’m sick and you can’t be here if I’m sick.”


Now my nineteen minutes of productive time is spent and all three big kids are up and going. And arguing. Time to go be a mom. Despite the whining after school yesterday turned out okay since I decided to join the pool party at Kristy’s place. Everyone was happy. I think we can make today a good day too. Project of the day? Sorting clothes from the laundromat. Since we’re done with school uniforms for three months we better locate a few more things for these rough and tumble kids to wear!

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