Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eye Doctor - Jacob (3 years) & Ashlyn (3 months)

Took the two youngest to the eye doctor today. Jake’s eyes aren't crossing so he will stay with the super high 10.5 prescription for 6 more months.


Ashlyn was next. Nothing other than crummy family history pushed me to take a 3 ½ month old to the eye doctor. I just needed to know. Babies cross their eyes and it’s totally normal but the doctor said after 3 months old if they cross it should be investigated.


She passed round one with flying colors - just like Jake did at 18 months. Then they dilated her eyes and we waited. The tech called us back after about an hour and started checking her by holding different lenses up near her eye and looking in with a light. It didn’t take long for me to understand that if there were no problem she’d have only needed three or four lenses. We were at seven or eight. Finally I probed, “Lots of lenses must mean you found something.”


"Not to worry. She is a bit on the high side."


The doctor took a look at the tech’s numbers and checked quickly on her own but only had to look a second to see the trouble. She measures a prescription of at least a 7 right now in general estimations. That’s a lot.


Not good news. We bring her back in for another check in 6 months when she is 9 months old and see where we are at that time. Somehow I’ve known inside since I found out I was pregnant that this little kiddo wouldn’t escape the plague of my bad eyes. Brian picked this picture of Ashlyn off our blog and added glasses. At least it shouldn’t be as bad as this picture, right?


Today has been a downer day thinking through her perfect, beautiful face. Covering it up with stupid, clunky old glasses. It takes a bit of the purity out of my children’s faces in my eyes. It makes me sad inside all over again though this is the first child I haven’t cried over. Either I’m getting used to it or I “got over it” before it actually happened because there were days of anguish and stress thinking of it all before she was born. Poor girl.


I just have to remind myself, Ashlyn will be beautiful in spite of the glasses.

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