Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Zufelt Family Feb 2015

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We went on a walk/bike ride today. The weather was sort of warm and the kids were restless. I was feeling better than I had in a few days. We bundled up and headed on a small walk around our little neighborhood. I was on a personal mission. It was recycling day and I needed to find the newspaper from the day of Jacob's birth for his baby book. I knew most people would have already recycled it since I wasn't up to dumpster diving the day after I got home from the hospital and had forgotten to ask Brian to pick up a paper at the gas station the day of the birth. I searched and searched the recycle bins of my neighbors in the light rain as the kids rode their bikes around. Finally, I found the right newspaper and we headed home. As we approached the house, Maddie saw one of our neighbors had thrown out a Bumbo chair in good condition. She got all excited about it. The neighbor's baby is too old for it now (so is Maddie of course), but she was so excited to find it and insisted we take it home. We wiped it off and she has enjoyed playing baby in it.

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comcmi said...

i cannot believe you found a bumbo! yay! do you think that person even tried to pass it on or sell it?? really, i don't know anyone who doesn't want one!